Help & FAQs


Do I need to download software or an app to use ShowHows?

No, ShowHows is cloud software and therefore completely browser-based and works in any modern web browser.


How much does ShowHows cost?

Pricing for ShowHows is based on how many guides you want to create. We have monthly plans for small-midsize organizations and Enterprise plans can be custom-priced based on how many guides you need to host and which advanced features you require. Sign up for a demo and we’ll determine with you which tier is most appropriate for your needs.


Can I get a free trial?

Yes, if ShowHows is a good solution for you after our brief demo, we’ll set you up with a free one month trial.


Do you have discounted pricing for non-profits or educational institutions?

Yes, absolutely! We want ShowHows to help anyone publish better educational content so we offer 50% off our pricing tiers for accredited non-profit and educational customers.


How does ShowHows work in my CMS?

The ShowHows guides you create can be easily embedded in any CMS page or post with a small snippet of embed code (just like embedding a video). If your site is already responsive (mobile-friendly) your ShowHows guides will automatically be responsive as well.


Can I host ShowHows directly on my web server?

Yes, if required, for an additional fee we give our Enterprise customers the ability to export their published ShowHows code and host it directly.


Can I view ShowHows guides in a native mobile or tablet app?

Yes, you can embed ShowHows into your native iOS or Android app using WebViews similar to how you embed on your website.


Does ShowHows support other languages?

Yes, ShowHows will currently support any left-to-right language.


Can you help us create instructional content for ShowHows?

Yes we can! Whether you need instructional writing or help with images/photography/animation our content team and network of experts can help you create amazing educational content that fits your brand. Find out more about our services here.