Help customers help themselves

Customer support & self service

Be there with helpful content at the right place and at the right time. Your customers are searching for help and troubleshooting with your products right now. Offer assistance or inspiration with simple interactive step by step tutorials, how-tos and user guides in the moment where customers need help – no matter what device they’re on or channel they’re in.

Happier customers. Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy and reduce your customer support costs by giving them instructions they’ll actually want to use. Give customers amazing post-purchase support and they’ll love you and tell their friends (and give your NPS and CSAT scores a boost).

Awesome user experience. People like learning at their own pace. ShowHows puts viewers in control by letting them go step by step through your content while they’re with your product instead of fast-forwarding and rewinding long how-to videos.

Supercharge your customer experience

Useful product learning & content marketing

What happens after the unboxing…and beyond? Make your ownership experience more amazing and show customers how to get the most out of your product right out of the box with tips and tricks. Then turn them into experts as they continue using your product.

Better onboarding. Where are people getting stuck in the first 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months using your product? Add ShowHows to your onboarding strategy – in your CRM emails, QR codes on packaging or in-store help – and anticipate where people will need help.

Be useful. Easily create and publish quick, useful, shareable educational content marketing for your organization, products and services to distribute across your marketing and social channels.

Share your knowledge with anyone

Education, training and eLearning

Teach someone a new skill, simply explain a concept or process, onboard a new employee, diagnose a problem or help with with step-by-step advice.

Stop relying on text-heavy instructional formats. Create simple, lightweight visual and interactive training and microlearning content for your audiences that they’ll want to engage with.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual learning content can also be really useful to your audiences who are not native English speakers.

CX, Marketing, Customer Support, Community, HR, L&D, Content Strategy pros

For organizations and teams

ShowHows helps you create and distribute better, clearer, simpler instructional content that’s genuinely useful for people with our step-by-step guide creator. Add images, illustrations or animated GIFs along with text to each step of your guides.

Re-purpose, re-use, re-mix. Save time and money re-using your existing instructional content assets easily and quickly in the ShowHows platform instead of producing expensive video content every time. DIY or let us help.

Instructions that scale. Have a lot of products to support? Get content out of boring PDFs and CMS templates that aren’t optimal for instructions and learning and into something more interactive, scalable, editable and maintainable.

Share what you know

Make beautiful, visual and informative how-to guides and tutorials in minutes

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